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 Sneaker Terminology

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PostSubject: Sneaker Terminology    Sneaker Terminology  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 9:27 pm

Sneaker Terminology

DS – Deadstock
OG – Original or Original Release
NDS - Near Deadstock
VNDS – Very Near Deadstock
SB’s – Nike Skateboarding Shoes
SE - Special Edition
PE – Player Exclusive
AF1 – Air Force 1
G-Nikes – Air Force 1
FSR – Full Size Run
NWT – New With Tags
Bred or Bread – Black/Red Colorway (Usually Bulls)
Hypebeast= Someone that likes a pair of shoes because they are rare, limited, or just because someone else likes them.
COJP – Concept Japan
NWOT – New With out Tags
OBO- Or Best Offer
NT- Niketalk
ISS- Instyleshoes
SOLE- Solecollector
NIB – New In Box
Mules-a model of shoe that has been mader in a slipper
Retro- a model of original air jordan that had been re released to the public
J’s – Jordans
GR- General Release
Beaters – shoes you wear without caring for condition
Holy Grail - Most desired sneaker that you most likely will never attain
Uptowns – Air Force 1s
NDC= (or Nike Dot Com)
Heat= Hot/Rare Shoes

Roman Numerals
(Mainly used for Air Jordans)

I – 1 Air Jordan I
II – 2 Air Jordan II
III – 3 Air Jordan III
IV – 4 Air Jordan IV
V – 5 Air Jordan V
VI – 6 Air Jordan VI
VII - 7 Air Jordan VII
VIII – 8 Air Jordan VIII
IX - 9 Air Jordan IX
X – 10 Air Jordan X
XI – 11 Air Jordan XI
XII – 12 Air Jordan XII
XIII - 13 Air Jordan XIII
XIV – 14 Air Jordan XIV
XV - 15 Air Jordan XV
XVI – 16 Air Jordan XVI
XVII – 17 Air Jordan XVII
XVIII – 18 Air Jordan XVIII
XIX - 19 Air Jordan XIX
XX – 20 Air Jordan XX
XXI – 21 Air Jordan XXI
XXII – 22 Air Jordan XXII

Jordan Nicknames

Blacktoes or Black Toe= Air Jordan I’s
True Blue= Jordan III’s
Cement= On Jordan III’s and IV’s
Militaries= Jordan IV’s
Laneys= Jordan V’s (Michael Jordan’s High School Colors)
Fire Red= Jordan V’s
Infared= Air Jordan VI’s
Carmines= Air Jordan VI’s
Maroons= Air Jordan VI
September Blues= Air Jordan VI
Bordeaux= Air Jordan VII’s
Charcoals= Air Jordan VII’s
Hares= Air Jordan VII’s
Cardinals= Air Jordan VII’s
Aquas= Air Jordan VIII’s
Steels= Air Jordan X’s
Chicago’s= Air Jordan X (Or any white/black/red colorway Jordan)
Ice= Clear blue on X’s (other models as well)
Columbia’s= Air Jordan XI
Space Jam’s/SJ= Air Jordan XI (Michael Jordan Wore them in the movie “Space Jam)
Concord’s= Air Jordan XI
Snake Skin= Air Jordan XI (Or any Air Jordan with a snake skin colorway)
Playoffs= Jordan XII/XIII (Or black/white colorway)
Taxis= Air Jordan XII’s
Altitudes= Air Jordan XIII’s
Flint’s= Air Jordan XIII
Indiglos= Jordan XIV’s
Oxys= Jordan XIV’s
Stealths= Air Jordan XX’s
DMP= Defining Moments Package
L’Style= LifeStyle (Comes with lots of matching clothes)
JB= Jordan Brand
Melo= Carmelo Anthony’s Shoes
BMP= Beginning Moments Package, a nickname for the Old Love New Love Air Jordan 1 Pack.

Shoe Store Nicknames

Altsnk/Alternative Sneakers=
Concept Shop=
Number (N)ine=
Trust Nobody=
We Sold Out =
Nort Berlin=
Home Run Kicks=
JB Classics=
PYS/Pick Your Shoes=
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Sneaker Terminology
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