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Tired of paying for listing and final value fees? Join here and post your shoe ads for free! No fees and or tax! All payments have to be sent via PayPal gift.
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 About Kicks Warehouse

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PostSubject: About Kicks Warehouse   Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:53 am

Kicks Warehouse is a online site that hosts peoples shoe ads. Simply sign up and post a ad under your brand and size. There is no listing fees or final value fees (like eBay) or taxes when selling and buying. When you purchase a pair of shoes you must check out by sending a "gift" payment to the seller. Therefore there will be no fee taken out for the seller. Next stay in close contact with the seller as he or she ships the shoes out. We strive for great reputation on this site with a big variety of shoes in all different sizes. We hope that everyone who sell's here on Kicks Warehouse sells real 100% authentic shoes, but we know some people will try to sell fakes or B grades. PLEASE TAKE A VERY CLOSE LOOK AT THE PICTURES BEFORE YOU BUY. PLEASE ALSO ASK THE SELLER FOR MORE PICTURES IF NECESSARY. I hope this site gets big were new shoes will be posted daily!

Very Happy ***** Exclamation Exclamation Please remember to donate so we can keep this site up and running! Exclamation Exclamation ***** Very Happy


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About Kicks Warehouse
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